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Steps for ERP Implementation Success

By James Calvin

Your implementation may involve a stand alone software solution, or it may be part of an overall larger project... however, this methodology has proven time and time again to be a successful one. So please pay attention to them as I'm going to be revealing them to you right here! There are eight phases and each of them have special needs and requirements.

The first one is the scoping phase. Here is where you start. This phase begins immediately once the contract has been agreed upon. Here you will define the objectives of the project and establish the metrics on which you will measure the progress of the implementation. This is where it all kicks off.

Next up we have the analysis phase, and this one is very crucial. It takes about 30 days. Everything is evaluated here, the goals of the business are defined and prioritized. The timeline is also established here. There are two types of design during this phase and those are the technical design, which details how the processes will be conducted in an attempt to meet with the objectives set and the social design which are to describe what people's specific roles are within the process.

Then we follow up with the prototyping phase which you will build, test then asses as well as refine the first prototype. When the prototype has been assembled, examined, and executed, the results are then analyzed for their performance and logic and any adjustments to the system that are needed happen now.

Once the prototyping has been complete it's time for the next phase: deployment. Now it's time to expand it and build it to a full production scale. And once that is complete we move on to the integration phase where all necessary interfaces and designs are integrated into the company and all the software is checked to not conflict but work in harmony with each other.

Low Rate eCommerce & Retail Plans

Once that is complete, we go to the next phase which is parallel testing. Here we will test everything in a live environment to make sure that all our previous work does as outlined. Before moving on you must accept these test results otherwise you will have to go back and fill in the holes.

We follow the testing with the cutover phase, however before it actually occurs, you need a strategy that is made to work perfectly and have an effective rollout.

Finally, we end with the last phase with is continuous improvement. Here you will be taking a look at all the numbers consistently and comparing them to the past. This is where the system is refined to near perfection over time. Here you will also be looking at your ROI in batches of 3 or 6 months. Be sure to give it enough time to get valid statistical data, because if you are testing only a few weeks at a time that man not be enough time to get the accurate information that you need.

About the Author:
James Calvin runs an ERP implementationresource found at - for more ERP resources please visit the site above.

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